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Shooting with Claymation Photography

Not only have I performed with the talented Chris Clay…. I now get to shoot with him! Click click! You can check out his work here:


You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. Steer yourself any direction you choose.”
– Dr. Seuss

I am so happy to be a part of Seussical. It has been such a joy to be back on stage and to work with this cast! There were so many moments in the show that were so much fun to bring to life, and so many lyrics and melodies that I will be singing for a long time, I am sure! Stay tuned for photos I will post in the “Theatre Stills” section of the gallery!


Lunch has over 33K views! This is amazing! I hope this has touched the hearts of everyone out there who has enjoyed a good lunch.


Looking at storyboards never gets old! It’s fun to see how the original vision was imagined and to compare it to the final edit.

Returning to NY

One thing I love about returning to NY after being away for the summer is the return to working on my craft. It’s refreshing to have gigs that bring me away from home; it’s also important to take breaks and to schedule time to relax and reset. This allows me to come home ready to work. I feel inspired to get back to the studio, back to practicing, and back to striving to be a better performer. Let’s get it!

Character Work

Looking for a way to brighten any day? I highly recommend a pair of wings…some sparkles … a crown … or maybe some jingle bells. Any should do the trick! You’ll feel like a princess in no time 🙂

Shooting with William Philbin

I had the chance to shoot with talented filmmaker/photographer/director William Philbin. Check out the gallery for images from our shoot, and click on the link for a sample of his work. And take a look at his timelapse reels – they’re amazing!

Happy Feet

Happy feet. Yep, I’ve got ‘em:

Shooting with Art Altman

I am so happy to be working with photographer Art Altman. We’ve collaborated together on a few different looks and styles, and I can honestly say I am excited about them all. Art has such a passion and a talent for photography, and I love to hear him talk about it!

Check out my gallery for some highlights and you can admire some of his work here:


My Favorite Things

Coffee. New shoes. Barre classes. Spicy tuna rolls. LaDuca’s. My ukelele. My glitter manicure. These are all some of the things that me happy. But you know else puts a smile on my face? Being in the studio. The headphones …the mic …. the creative spark in the air…being in the studio is definitely one of my favorite things.