BOOKED: Good Morning America

What’s better than filming for GMA? Getting to work with friends on set! Stay tuned to my blog to see what we’re up to….

St. Kristie

Woohoo! So excited to bring this work to life again. This text is so complex! There’s always something new to discover every time we bring the words to life. I’m so grateful to get to work with Cas, Doug, Dan, and the talented cast!!!

BOOKED: St. Kristie

Exciting news! I’ll be playing the role of Kristie in the staged production of ‘Saint Kristie’ after being a part of the staged reading in March. Check my blog for show information.

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat

“Go go go Joseph!…” I am so excited to be a part of the Joseph cast at CRS. I love being surrounded by the wonderful & talented people that are drawn to the CRS stage. The best part about this year’s show? I get to play….A BROTHER! Yep, you read it right. I’ve been working on dropping my voice into my LOWEST register.

Here’s a pretty neat photo we took before the show one night. It’s our band of brothers…


The New Neighbor

Here’s an installment of the Acts of Love webseries called ‘The New Neighbor.’ See what happens when a sheltered girl takes lessons from her neighbor on how to talk that NYC talk and walk the NYC walk…

BOOKED: St. Kristie

I’ve booked the role of Kristie in the play ‘St. Kristie,’ written by Douglas E. Huston, directed by (the amazing) Cas Marino, (who once played my mother in a Greek play….)

BOOKED: The New Neighbor

I am so happy to be working with Simcha Borenstein on an installment of the Acts of Love webseries. I’ll be playing the role of ‘Heather’ in a piece called ‘The New Neighbor.’


I was working at a financial conference in the beginning of the year when I saw lunch being set up and became extremely excited. I was SO hungry and the spread of fresh vegetables and wraps looked absolutley delicious! Now, I have been known to burst into song on occasion when I get excited about things….and all I could think was “Lunch!Lunch! Lunch!.” And so, the Shots pardoy idea began in my head. I sat down and wrote it out, recruited my friend – comedian Josh Hyman and we laid down the track with Matthew Vega. We then teamed up with Ryan Amelio and Benton Stpehens to shoot, direct, and edit the project. We had the help of soem wonderfully talented actors and friends, and we were lucky enough to be able to shoot on loation at Continuity Partners and Brother Jimmys.

Laugh Away:


I was catching up with my friend Marteen in Washington Square Park on a lovely afternoon when Fox 5 News approached us wanting to know our thoughts about ‘Draping.’

Watch at a about a minute into the segment and you will see just how I like to ‘Drape.’

NY Post

A recent project I was in, Acts of Love, has been mentioned in the NY POST….