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Kerri began her career at the age of seven in a production of “A Christmas Carol” at the Elmwood Playhouse in Nyack, NY. She was accepted into the Helen Hayes Youth Theatre where she began her training, and was cast in several main stage shows there. To compliment her theatre training, she began studying voice under Sondra Stowe. Kerri then made her way to New York City, finding a home and many mentors in the Educational Theatre Program at New York University. At the Provincetown Playhouse, Kerri performed in many original and classical works including the ‘Greenwich Village Project’, ‘The Uckly Dickling’ and ‘5xWilder: The Seven Deadly Sins’ and ‘The Tempest.’ At NYU, Kerri trained with Anne McCormack, Nan Smithner, Joe Salvatore, Michele Berti, and Dave Kilpatrick.

Igniting a passion that expanded beyond theatre in New York, Kerri sought out on-camera training with Capes Coaching. She continued studying beyond that independently with Dani Super. Not one to stay still for long, Kerri also began a serious study of dance in New York that began with becoming a New Dance Group Scholarship student. She has studied under Stephen Harding, Janine Molinari, Mark Santoro, and Genenvieve Norrell.